Hugo’s Amazing Tape on ‘Shark Tank’: A Look Inside the Reusable & Glueless Product

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Hugo’s Amazing Tape entered the Shark Tank with their reusable, non adhesive tape. All you have to do is stretch, wrap and press for a secure hold with their patented self bonding material.

We interviewed Katherine Saltzberg, who continued the company-originally started by her father, Hugo, and her mother-with her sister, Lauri Fraser. When asked how the product idea came about, she said, “Our dad received a packaged and much of it was destroyed for whatever reason except for this little piece of plastic. He was fascinated by that and at some point got the idea to roll it into a tape.”

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The duo, who have resumes filled with roles in the film and TV industry, reveled in the opportunity to be in the Tank together. As for advice for future contestants, Saltzberg said:

Have fun. Enjoy the process. Be grateful for the opportunity.

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