Amanda Marie: Fake Facebook Pages Appear Claiming to Be Star of Viral Video

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Amanda Marie is the name being associated with a shocking viral video that is pornographic in nature. The video first began to circulate on Twitter on November 8. You can find an extremely graphic description of the contents of the video here.

On November 9, multiple fake Facebook pages appeared with the name Amanda Marie. Each of the operators of those pages claim to be the real Amanda Marie with a new account. A previous account for Amanda Marie had been deleted as her video went viral. The Intro to one page reads, “New account, stop hating bitchhh.” The latest status update on that page said, “My s*** hurt, but I could do it again.” A previous post on the page read, “You bitches mad I can take 2 fists and y’all can’t.” As the video spread across the internet, multiple other pages purporting to be Amanda sprung up. On at least one page, the user claimed that Amanda was pregnant. The comments on the fake Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as a Go Fund Me page that has been set up for Marie with a $25,000 goal, claim that the real Amanda, as well those who are setting up fake accounts are seeking “clout.”

Amanda Marie Facebook page

Facebook/Amanda Marie

A news report from June 2017 detailed in an instance where Amanda got into trouble with the law. Marie, then 19, was accused of luring a man to an apartment where four men, one of whom was armed with a gun, robbed him. The incident occurred in 2016. The article says that Amanda met the victim through social media. Eventually, Amanda was arrested along with her accomplices. Amanda pleaded guilty in the case and was sentenced to six years probation for aggravated robbery, online records show. The arresting agency in the incident was the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office.

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