Patriotic Mural Defaced In Deep Ellum

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A Deep Ellum restaurant owner is frustrated after a patriotic mural he put up was defaced.

It happened on the side of St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin.

aflaggraffiti Patriotic Mural Defaced In Deep Ellum

American flag mural graffiti (Pete Zotos – Facebook)

Pete Zotos is hoping surveillance video may help catch whoever did this.

“Oh some knuckleheads came along this morning, decided they were going to tag the American flag we put up on September 11th,” said Zotos.

The suspects were recorded on nearby surveillance cameras.

“It really hurts my feelings… That’s love right there, that’s why i did it and it’s my country,” said Zotos.

Zotos said once word got out of what happened, a friend of his who looks after murals in Deep Ellum came by and cleaned it all up.

But Zotos isn’t satisfied yet.

“I’d like to see those guys have to pay for it.  I’d like to see them say hey, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it, it was a bad idea. I made a poor decision,’ something like that, but not just hit and run you know.”


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